Sea trials for the new V Champion !

V Champion baptism in Pornic...

🛥️ Yesterday was our first sea trial for the new trawl door : the V Champion.

🤝🏻 We had the pleasure to collaborate with the “Gwenn Ha Du” crew, wich was really interested in the project.

💡 Thanks to our commercial’s tips, the trawl doors have been optimized to the using conditions and the team’s habits.

📈 Results ? High stability, optimal opening and a speed gain during the operation ! The ease of use and shoot has been mentioned too.

💻 The + : a real-time access to the trawl doors behaviour underwater : deep, opening, global performance…

✔️ In a nutshell : great and promising sea trials for the V Champion !

👋🏼 A lot of thanks to Marport for the sensors loan. (Up to 5 meters deep)

📲 Want to try one of our trawl doors ? Contact Us !

Discover more pictures on our Linkedin post :


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