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Morgere's creation

Création de Morgère en 1902

During the period of the famous Newfoundland Banks cod fishery, Louis-Alexandre Morgère decided to settle in Saint-Malo, the only town on the north coast of Brittany that equipped fishing vessels working in this great fishery. His naval forge produced fittings and other equipment required for fishing vessels to venture to the far away fishing banks. During this period, it was the beam trawl, more commonly called the stick trawl, that was used.


Louis-Alexandre Morgère died, and his son Louis Morgère took over the marine forge


The first wooden trawl doors

The first wooden trawl doors are invented.


Liberation of Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo en 1944

The liberation of Saint-Malo during World War 2. Louis Morgère and his sons (Louis and Jean) manufactured various metal tools, pickaxes and other equipment that were required for the reconstruction of Saint-Malo. Soon, fishing will start again, and Saint-Malo actively acquires a fleet of large trawlers.


A turning point in the history of Morgere

Panneau de chalut en 1960

Morgère will become a world reference around a single product: the trawl board! The first is a flat oval-shaped panel with branches. This egg shape is an adaptation of Russian panels recovered by Western fleets.


Creation of the first steel trawl door: the Polyvalent

Morgere 1968

Patented in more than 30 countries, it has become the most used trawl door in global commercial fishing.


The WS design completes the range of trawl doors produced during this first era of production.

Panneau Polyfoil nommé PF
Panneau de chalut OV


Morgere joins the « Gagneraud Group »

Groupe Gagneraud


Development of SPFTH, Exocet and Osprey New panels


Morgère moves to Miniac-Morvan

Entreprise Morgère à Miniac-Morvan

Initially based in the port of Saint-Malo, Morgère moved to its new premises located in Miniac-Morvan.


Morgère moves to Miniac-Morvan

First tests of the new Champion trawl door
Morgère diversifies its activity
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