research and development

Innovate to move forward together

Because quality is our priority, our products go through a crucial series of detailed steps before they are market ready.

Recherche et développement chez Morgère
Modélisation 3D de panneau de chalut

Our design office

We have our own design office, where our products are developed by engineers using CAD modelling (computer-aided design) and computer simulation models.


We collaborate with IFREMER

We also rely on the equipment and the expertise ouf our partner IFREMER, a research institute entirely dedicated to ocean knowledge.

This collaboration enables us to carry out in-depth hydrodynamic studies of our products. Thanks to flume tank tests, we can observe the behaviour of our products that reflect real-life marine conditions.

Essai en bassinpour les panneaux de chalut
Quality comes first

We optimize our panels through sea trials

Our prototypes are validated during comprehensive and rigorous sea trials. We work with our customers, taking into account their different requirements in order to optimise the trawl doors for working in challenging sea conditions.

Your satisfaction

Your feedback is our driving force

Your feedback is essential to our development. This collaborative approach enables us to design products fully adapted to your fishing techniques and needs.

We are also committed to  sustainable development, with a constant quest for techniques and materials that respect the environment and the seabed.