Morgere, metal fabricators for the marine sector since 1902

Committed to servicing the fishing industry, Morgere is one of the world leaders in ensuring the optimum opening of trawls through the use of innovative trawl door technology.

Panneau de chalut Morgère
Morgère boilermaking
Our expertise

A team of experts

In addition to trawl doors, our metal fabrication knowledge and experience extends our range of services to include vessel maintenance and repair work, as well as expertise in industrial projects, including quarrying, concrete work and construction.

Thanks to a permanent innovation and a team of qualified welders (135 end-to-end steel, rising, angle, ceiling, 131 end-to-end aluminum, rising, angle, ceiling), we ensure a permanent quality of products and services.

Our technical mastery

The high-performance machines of our workshops


Our environmental approach for future generations

Imagine tomorrow’s fishing ever more economic and ecological…

Respect for the seabed is at the heart of Morgere’s thinking : with a constant search for more respectful techniques and materials !

Our values

At Morgere, your satisfaction is our priority. That's why we guarantee:

Our availability

A listening to your needs, a real consulting service to study together the most suitable solution for your project.

Our responsiveness

A response to your request as soon as possible, as well as a fast turnaround time.

Our guarantee of quality

A work with qualitative products, a result in accordance that meet your expectations.

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