1. About the processing of your data

Your data is collected and processed for the purpose of improving the digital services we provide through this website. We do not collect any personal data.

The processing of your data is carried out by:

  • Morgère (company)
  • RCS 897 280 426 (in Saint-Malo)
  • 897 280 426 00031 (Siret)
  • FR13897280426 (VAT number)
  • SAS Morgère (legal entity responsible of processing)
  • 15 rue des Mettras, 35540 Miniac-Morvan (headquarters)

2. Purpose of the processing

The data collected is used to analyze the behavior of website visitors in order to identify potential pitfalls such as inaccessible pages, search engine indexing problems, and the most popular content. Once the data is processed (number of visitors reaching an inaccessible page, single-page views, etc.), we receive a detailed analysis report that allows us to make necessary modifications for the proper functioning of the website.

This website only processes numerical data, which does not allow us to clearly identify users of the website.

The data we collect includes:

  • Number of visits
  • Number of user sessions
  • Bounce rate
  • Average number of actions per visit
  • Maximum number of actions per visit
  • Number of pages viewed
  • Types of channels used by users who arrive on our website
  • Entry pages
  • Exit pages
  • Geographical areas of users visiting our website
  • Visit dates

The processing of your personal data is based on explicit consent. Your privacy is our top priority. Therefore, we will not process any personal data while you browse unless you give us your explicit and clear consent.

3. Recipient of the data

The data received through this website is sent to:

  • SAS Morgère.
  • Our web service provider: Phare Web agency.
  • Indepedent Analytics company (provider of the data collection system).

4. Where are the collected data stored?

The data is hosted in France.

We do not exchange the collected data with countries outside the EU.

5. Data retention period

We retain the collected data for a period of 13 months (395 days).

As our data is hosted in France, we adhere to French law, which sets a maximum retention period of 13 months.

6. Your rights regarding the data we collect

As we only process personal data based on explicit consent, you can exercise the following rights:

Right of access: You can request access to your personal data at any time.

Right to erasure: You can request the deletion of all personal data we process about you at any time.

Right to data portability: You can request a copy of all personal data we process about you via this website at any time.

Right to withdraw your consent: You can withdraw your consent at any time by submitting your request via this website.