Morgère, marine forgers since 1902.

Operating on five continents, Morgère is one of the world's leading specialists in trawl doors and we are dedicated to serving the fishing industry.

Our company has established its leading position due to continual innovation and the creation of trawl doors that are the result of extensive hydrodynamic studies.

Our global experience in a full range of different fisheries, including pelagic and demeral fishing, has enabled us to bring to the fishing industry the most efficient technology, maximising catches at the lowest energy cost.

This is highlighted by our new V3 and PV3 doors which reduce drag and therefore fuel consumption.

Our other new products, SPF, SPFTH, allow bottom and pelagic fishing side by side - flexibility that has become essential for many.



The primary focus of Morgère is customer satisfaction achieved by:

  • Availability: listening to you, advising and working together to achieve the most appropriate solution to optimise the performance / running cost of your business.

  • Responsiveness: responding to your request as quickly as possible in order to minimize the down time of your ship.

  • Quality: assuring you of a well-finished product meeting your expectations, and reducing operating costs (fuel and maintenance costs).

Our core philosophy lies in working towards a future for fishing that is more efficient, economical and environmentally sound.

To meet these aims, the research and development of new doors is conducted in partnership with local research centres in order to reduce the impact on the marine environment.