06 September 2023
Innovation, superior quality standards and engineering excellence are at the heart of the Morgère operation
here is our new video highlighting the care, precision and dedication involved in constructing our versatile range of trawl doors.
23 March 2023
Innovation and new product development the key to Morgère success
Innovation and new product development are at the heart of the Morgère operation, which in recent years has led to the successful introduction of the Exocet New and Osprey New trawl doors. Both types of trawl door are being used with great success across Europe and beyond, with fishing skippers impressed by their robustness, ease of handling, consistently good trawl spread and reduced drag,...
13 January 2023
Strong and versatile trawl doors from Morgère at Irish Skipper Expo 2023
Much interest was shown by fishermen in the Morgère range of trawl doors at last year’s Expo and the company is looking to build upon this success at Irish Skipper Expo 2023. Trawl doors from Morgère are ideally suited for the challenging fishing conditions found around Ireland, providing excellent results for fishermen due to their strength and versatility. At this year’s...
18 October 2022
Repeat order from South America for Osprey trawl doors
Morgère is expanding its reach into South America with an Atlantic-based fishing company having ordered a second set of Osprey trawl doors following the success of the first delivery. The skipper of the vessel equipped with the first set of Osprey 59 doors was delighted with their operational performance in the challenging sea conditions of the South Atlantic – which resulted in the...
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